Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Price of things

So I was reading some other blogs, and came across a little something where someone wanted to see how her food prices compared to those in other places. I figured I'd participate, partly because it got me to go out and write down some of those prices I'm seeing at the store. I will admit, I didn't look around to see best/worst prices, I basically just went out the other day and wrote out the price of whatever was on the list. Some of these prices may be higher or lower than what I could get things for on a different day. They're mostly all taken from one store. So here goes:

4L Milk (bagged): 14.19$
1lb of...
potatoes: 2.99$
apples: 2.99$
oranges: 2.66$
bananas: 1.49$
grapes: 3.59$
lettuce (iceberg): 2.99$
cucumber: 3.99$
tomatoes: 2.49$
carrots: 1.75$
butter: 6.99$
1 kg of...
frozen corn: 5.69$
ground beef: 13.29$
Tbone beef: 29.99$
Rump roast: 15.49$
Chicken breast: 22.69$
Chicken drumsticks: 9.68$
Pork chops: 17.99$
100g of coldcuts...
ham: 1.49$
roast beef: 2.79$
Box of KD: 2.69$
Coffee tin (927g, Maxwell House): 14.59$
Toilet Paper (12 double rolls): 17.19$
Wonderbread, 1 loaf: 4.95$
Elbow Macaroni, 900g: 5.79$
Mozzarella, 520g: 9.99$
Flour (Five Roses, 5.5lbs): 16.99$
White Sugar, 4kg: 11.99$
Rice 2kg: 15.39$
Bag of Cookies: 6.29$

Hope that helps some of you picture what a trip to the grocery store might look like. (To be honest, there was so much produce there that day, I was disappointed to have only come for bread, as my fridge was fairly full and I couldn't let things go bad.)


Bobbie said...

Things sure are expensive there! Wow!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I live in AB, but my hubby worked for First Air for a couple of years and "lived" in Iqaluit and Resolute Bay for a couple of years. This was a couple of years ago now, but I remember him telling me about the food prices there. He was lucky in that his food was covered by work, but the price of milk is what got me most! He loved Resolute Bay and would love to return, me, after hearing those prices don't know how we would feed our family of six!!


ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

The thought of paying nearly $15 for milk makes me nauseaus! Oh my goodness. I shall stop complaining now. Thank-you for participating.