Monday, 12 January 2009


So being all excited about going home on Friday (someone said I had a perma-smile on when I mention going home), I decided it would be good to see what I'm in for as far as weather. And as I went from the Iqaluit Forcast page, where the temp is currently -27C, Windchill -32 and it switched over to the Winnipeg page, I burst out laughing. Why? Because the temp is almost exactly the same here as there (-26C) but the windchill temp of -33 that is causing them to put out a warning in Winnipeg, is the currently considered normal here. Haven't seen a warning since our windchill was below -50.
Same temperature, different responses. Nothing like a good cold snap to give you perspective on what's really cold. When every other house seems to have it's pipes frozen over christmas, in a town where people know how to prevent frozen pipes, it's really cold. (Ya, remember my mentioning no water sometime around Christmas? That happened to quite a few people, actually) It's actually comfortable if you know how to dress for it. It just really sucks for taking pictures! (The camera batteries die in minutes, and things don't work well for long). Anyways, I'll cut this short for the sake of work tomorrow, and my just-starting-to-heal hand, which is pulling something fierce when I type. I should go soak it and get the steri-strips back on!

Sunrise: 9:03am Sunset: 14:22 (2:22pm) It doesn't look like midnight until at least 4:30pm these days!!!

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