Saturday, 10 January 2009


Y'know when you're home alone and making supper... and the frozen meat is all in one big clump, of which you only need half... and you decide the best way to get it apart is by cutting it with a knife... so you try to do it in such a way that your hand isn't in the way... and for the most part you succeed. But you realize later that a longer knife might have been a better choice. You know, that oh **** moment when two chunks of meat go flying in opposite directions and your left hand slides across the tip of the knife as the knife makes contact with the cutting board... It's that moment where out of instinct your hand clenches into a fist before you even feel any pain... and you wonder, did I hurt myself, or just scare myself. But, and there's always a but... you have to open your hand and check. It hurts, but not very bad... why is it that minor wounds always hurt worse?

Sure enough, I have a small cut, not so bad... oy, it's bleeding! Other hand for pressure, need a clean cloth, or guaze, or... Ahha! An unopened travel pack of kleenex. rip open with teeth and fingers that are not actively holding wound. Kleenex on wound! Now... no way am I getting anything to stick to it for awhile, how can I speed things up... ice, yes, ice is good! What's in the freezer that I can part with... spinach, no that can be hard to find...corn or peas? Does it matter? Corn it is. Kleenex and frozen corn in place... now what. I guess I'm not making meat with supper. Good thing everything else is fine to cook for while. Meat back in the freezer. Maybe I can sit and type this on the blog while I wait for supper to finish...

after 5-10 min of typing one handed...

Ah, look not bleeding. See, it's not bad at all. Now, I'm sure I've got some steri-strips around somewhere... I know they're here... there we go. Hm, looks like I'll need to pick up more again, in case of emergency. Clean with alcohol swabs, strips on, hand beginning to warm up with ice and pressure gone... ow! Now it hurts! I need ice! Yikes that's cold against bare skin! Kleenex and ice!
Hmm, supper doesn't seem complete without the meat! I can do it one handed! (Coming from the girl who injured herself cooking two-handed) At least the meat is split apart like I wanted! Fry the meat (cause that's the easiest way to do things with one hand). Aaa! I'm wet. Corn defrosted and sprung a leak! Hmm, now that I'm thinking straight maybe I should grab one of three gel ice packs that are sitting in the freezer!

All better, and supper's ready. Minor "flesh wound"... they'd just better not call me into work tonight (I'm on call)... I don't know how much help I'd be.

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