Saturday, 28 February 2009


Adding random overtime shifts into stretches of days off is not conducive to getting a good rest. Just thought you might want that little piece of wisdom. I've had an extra shift thrown in every week for the last three. And... uh... remember I was sick with the sniffles shortly after I got home from holidays? And I refused to call in sick but instead ate mass amounts of chicken soup and vitamin C. And it all went away quickly and I was feeling great just in time to stress over a course (ACLS, which I passed!!! Yay!)? Well after all that, I figured that I had paid my dues, suffered through my cold and didn't need to worry about getting sick again. Wouldn't you know it, the common cold is going on a rampage here just like it is down south!
Alas, the common cold mutates quickly... there could be ten or twenty strains of it going around town right now! I only had one of them. I am not immune! I cannot breathe (through my nose)! Again! Sigh. *sniff, sneeze, cough-til-i-wanna-puke* I think I just may have to call in sick tomorrow. This is not something any of my patients deserves to get from me. Especially not a newborn baby. *insert whiney voice*: I don't wanna be sick! I can't be sick! This sucks!

Ahem... sorry, had to whine to someone. But really, beyond working, sleeping, getting sick, getting better, studying for a course, passing said course, working, sleeping, and getting sick again... life hasn't been overly exciting around here.

Oh, and Laurie isn't allowed to recommend TV series I should buy anymore. I'm hooked to another one. You know exactly which one you told me I had to buy when we saw it cheap at Costco!

Maybe I'll think of something more interesting to say when I'm home sick. Or maybe I shouldn't call in sick and hope they put me on call??? I hate using sick days, even though I'm entitled to them. I should just call in now (so I don't have to get up before 5:30am just to call in sick), and pull out some soup bones for tomorrow....


Matthew and Michele said...

Stomach flue working it's way through Iqaluit and Cape Dorset. Miserable.

Anonymous said...

i thought i made you buy 2 different series?! so which one is it?! the one the rest of us are addicted too or the other one!?!? hehehe...sorry, got a huge sheepish grin on my face and thinking..."leaving my mark again!" love you!