Thursday, 19 February 2009


Have you ever been in an elevator all by yourself...
and you start humming a happy song and bouncing on the balls of your feet because you're so happy to be home (or, uh, is that just me? hehehe.)...
not bouncing much, just a little to the rhythm of the happy song...
and as you stare at your grinning reflection in the shiny surface on one part of the elevator (c'mon, you don't stare at your own happy face and become even more giddy? never? try it sometime!)...
you suddenly realize the elevator is bouncing more than you are with each bounce?

It's a little concerning.

It was making things rattle near the ceiling... and it's a brand new elevator!

I was barely bouncing! But it made me stop bouncing.

Didn't wipe the grin of my face though. I'm going home to bed!

Man, picking up an extra shift in the middle of my days off... tiring!

I'm so happy to be home!

Food, then bed.

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