Wednesday, 8 April 2009

I miss...

There are days when there's nothing I want more than to go home. But then that's a repeating theme. Today, I was wishing I was in Australia... mainly because I was doing laundry, and I remembered how we could hang things on the line outside and they'd be dry in an half hour... not just dry, but so hot you couldn't touch anything metal without being burned! No static cling, no energy-sucking dryer, no using up limited indoor space to dry things. I also miss walking around the house barefoot and not needing to put on shoes (or boots) to step outside. (*we took the couch outside, why not, it was so warm!*)
I miss the adventure of traveling to new places, seeing new things. I miss spending afternoons in quiet coffee shops to write post cards
and going to a different restaurant for every meal.
Many days I miss being at home, getting to spend all the time I want with family and friends. Having them drop in on me or me dropping in on them. I miss not working overtime all the time. I miss the trees.

OH how I miss trees!!!

I miss planning out what will be in the garden, and tending it through the summer. I miss my friends kids, how cute they are and fun to play with. I miss the churches I used to go to.
But then again, I remember right after I graduated high school, how much I just wanted to go back to the simple life of being in high school, having my days planned out for me and always being around the same friends. And while I was traveling... okay, nevermind, I really enjoyed traveling, I rarely missed home. Point is, there's always stuff to remember fondly. Always something to miss. Miss having, miss being, miss being with. I can always look around and think something is not good enough, something should be different.
There's something to be said for learning to be content with what I have, and where I am. It's hard some days. I'm not liking the idea right now. But I can't go back... things will never be exactly how they used to be. And I know I'm choosing to only remember my favorite bits. And I know that someday, when and if I leave this place, I'll miss it too. And I'll miss the people I've gotten to know and be friends with. Life isn't simple. And there are a lot of choices. I need to choose to be content.
I love the sky here...

the sunsets and sunrises are always breathtaking, and the hills light up with such great colors! And the northern lights! Wow! The people... are quite the rare breed, for the most part pretty special. The job has more perks than anything, and if I could move the hospital south, I'd have my perfect world. There are a lot of opportunities here. I'm going to have to learn to take advantage of them. And consider myself lucky.


Matt, Kara and Hunter said...

No static cling! My gosh that is such a dream isn't it!

Michael & Esther said...

thanks Heather. that was a post that gave me just the readjustment on perspective of my life that i needed.