Friday, 17 April 2009

Things I learned from the electric guitar tuner...

1. Sometimes, when you're trying to practice and it sounds all wrong, it's because you should have tuned the guitar before starting... and sometimes it's because you're doing it wrong.

2. When you turn the knob, and you turn the knob, and you turn it some more and you hear the string make a weird noise as you tighten it, but it's still not changing the tune of the guitar... double check that you're adjusting the right string. It usually goes better when you tune the right string.

3. Tuning your voice is a lot harder than tuning the guitar, especially with the dishwasher going in the background to mess you up (yes, that is definitely an excuse). But it IS possible to hit the same notes as the guitar strings are hitting.

4. Tuning your voice to the tone of the strings (or attempting to hit the exact notes) can use up a lot of valuable practice time!

5. Guitar tuners are not meant to check the notes the dishwasher makes, or any other household device for that matter!

6. I should probably practice more and goof around less.

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