Saturday, 25 April 2009


Well, there have been some interesting events in town the last few weeks, and I really ought to write about them... I even took pictures that I want to share! But for the moment, I just wanted to share that spring is on it's way... at least it's on it's way INSIDE the apartment, if not outside. Though, dare I mention the -3C temps, the mucky roads and dripping roofs? Naaa, it also snowed, so it's probably best to say it's still winter, while enjoying not always needing skipants or a hat!
I digress. I bought some plants, some that were already in bloom, some that weren't even planted yet. I'm so happy with the nice plants! Something to take care of! Yes, that is such a girly thing, but I need that right now, and no one can say I shouldn't get plants. (I live in a no-pets allowed apartment) Here's some pictures I took today:

Don't they just scream spring-time? I've got a few more to plant. Which I will do soon. Kind of like I'm going to post more soon. Including pictures from local dancing and games and ice sculptures and... many other things. Oh, and I think Laurie has some more to say soon too!

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Anonymous said...

what beautiful pics, it sure looks like spring to me.