Wednesday, 3 June 2009

How things do change

Times when I should be studying are when I'm most likely to be caught up in various diversions. Like staring off into space... or at least staring out my window. And really, with a view like I have, how could you blame me? :D Yes, there is bird poop on the window. To be more precise, it's raven poop. They have a habit of coming in for a landing on the roof at a sharp angle... that tends to be bad for my windows. And I have no way to clean that off.

And hey, if it's nice enough to stare at... why not take pictures... and post them? :D It's been melting quite swiftly around here the last little while, and there is now a water feature just outside the apartment! It's called a ditch. When water melts and runs downhill, it can make quite a bit of noise. So it's actually kind of nice to open the window and listen to the stream (hey, it sounds like mini-rapids!) Here's an idea of how things have changed recently:

I will admit, the snowier pictures are from about 3 weeks ago, but we've had some heavy snowfalls at least weekly since then, so it's a good idea of how things have changed in about the last week or so. I've got tons more pictures of things melting, and some much better ones of the water, but I think I should maybe get back to the textbook again.

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