Monday, 8 June 2009

Snow in June

I'm watching the snow fall right now.  The thick fluffy kind that drifts in clumps and melts as soon as it hits something.  And it feels like a setback, after so much good melting happening this last week.  I'm done with snow.
But then, talking with a coworker who's Inuk and has lived here a long time, it's apparently been a really warm spring compared to normal.  Things are melting faster, the bay is going to melt faster than most years at the rate it's going.  In fact, the center of the bay is already unsafe 'cause the ice is too thin (after all the melting) and there's a strong current underneath.  Apparently global warming is pretty obvious these days.
With that in mind, I watch the June snowfall... and I can't help but think: Bring on the global warming, I'm ready!

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