Monday, 6 July 2009

Good and the Bad

The good and the bad in the last 24 hours...

Good - Made up a good chicken casserole recipe
Bad - Didn't start eating it until 10pm last night
Good - because I got home late from a great day outside at the park (Sylvia Grinnell)
Bad - where I happen to have gotten a slight burn on my face (who knew you could burn your face in 12C weather, but it's warm enough to be sleeveless)
Good - I got to talk to a good friend while eating dinner
Bad - I didn't get off the phone until 12am (and had to work the next morning), and I got up at 6am.
Good- I got a phone call at 6:05 that I was on call, so I stopped getting ready for work just before starting the coffee maker or pouring my cereal. I went straight back to bed and slept until 10:25am
Bad - I woke to a phone call telling me I was needed at work, like now. So I didn't have time to eat breakfast or have coffee.
Good - I did eat a banana on my way to work.
Bad - Once I got to work, I got a ten minute lunch halfway through the afternoon but no other breaks.
Good - I got to be there for two deliveries, one as the mom nurse, one as the baby nurse.
Bad - I didn't have time to chart until the next shift's nurses arrived.
Good - I got to give a baby bath.
Bad - I got home late, because it took a while to chart. And I'm back to work tomorrow.
Good - Tomorrow's another day!

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