Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Hospital food

How do you know when the hospital meals are really bad?...

1. A patient who's been there for a week makes a point of getting frozen meals to heat up in the microwave.

2. A surgery patient who hasn't eaten yet today asks for toast rather than touching the meal.

3. The saran wrap over the meal isn't touched by the patient.

4. The night staff bring their own meals rather than eating the free night lunches.

5. Meals are ranked by a scale:
Smells Okay...
Not that again!
Don't they have an imagination?,
I can't eat that!
How can they sell that?

6. Staff night lunches often include foods past their expiry date.

1 comment:

Matthew and Michele said...

Weirdly enough but I've never had a bad meal at the hospital.

I do like the ones with a Tim Horton's in them.