Saturday, 18 July 2009

Across the field...

On my first trip across the field on my way home from work this morning I...
... was in a great mood, excited to go home to bed.
.... saw a rainbow in the distance! and I got a picture!
... kept thinking how good the morning smelled, like when you go camping and it rains overnight, and you walk outside the tent/cabin and everything just smells SO fresh. That's what it smelled like walking home!
... noticed so many gorgeous wildflowers, I had to get some pictures. And I kept wondering each time I stopped, just how many mosquito bites I would be paying for each picture.
... made a game/challenge in my head of how fast I could get a picture without stopping long enough for a mosquito to bite me after it landed on my hands/fingers/face... etc.
... took a winding, zigzag-type path through the field
... didn't care if all the stops made it take almost half an hour to get home.
... was singing to myself the whole time.

My second time across the field, returning to work after getting in the door of my apartment, dropping off my lunchbag, switching to a lighter jacket since I was sweating on the way home, and throwing on some slip on shoes, I ...
... had to force myself to walk back out the door of my apartment.
... was annoyed at myself for forgetting to hand off the work key to someone, anyone else before leaving the hospital.
... saw a bird, took a picture.
... took a fairly straight path, wondering if I'd ever choose one specific path across the field to use on a daily basis.
... kept thinking up different ways to drop off the keys and dash back out the door.

My third time across the field, on my way home again I...
... could think of little else but going home to bed.
... took the absolute straightest path I could find.
... didn't take any pictures.
... didn't stop for anything.
... was out of breath by the time I got to the apartment.
... hoped I would never have to go back and forth like that again! Especially after a night shift.

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