Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Going to the movies

I have been asked recently by a relative whether I really do work, since I don't talk about it on the blog.  I do work... these days a little too much.  There is something about July that results in a lot of babies being born.  Don't ask why.  Thanks to the high number of births, and the number of people who want summer holidays, those of us left to work at the hospital are getting more than our share of overtime.   And thanks to privacy laws, that's about the extent of a work update that you're going to get.  
In the meantime, lots of interesting movies have been hitting the theatres.  I haven't bothered to go to the movie theatre here since I first arrived in August.  I've never been fond of going to see a movie without a friend to enjoy it with.  Harry Potter 6 convinced me it was time to break that habit.  It was good... but a little disappointing.  I expected better.  The next night (hey, when you only have a couple of days off in a row, you have to make the most of them), I went to see "Up" at the theatre.  That was good!  Made me laugh, kept my interest... well done.  
The theatre here is small.  Only two movie screens.  So last week, it was Harry Potter (two showings), Up and Transformers (one showing each, in that order) showing each night.  The screen where Harry was, there were approximately 130 seats, the screen where the other two were has about 70 seats.  Yes, I sat there waiting for the movie to start and counted the seats.  I also happened to have gone to the second showing of Harry that night(at 9:30 rather than 7), so I got to see the credits first, and then watch the movie. (everyone cleared out so fast, the credits had barely started)
This week I decided to continue the habit of going to the theatre on my days off, and went to see "My Sister's Keeper."  Excellent, excellent movie.  I was crying through most of it.  I'm finally learning to just let myself cry.  I really enjoyed it.  At the end, as the credits started, the owner of the theater walked in and asked if anyone needed a hanky.   One of the women asked if he heard everyone crying.  It was showing in the smaller side of the theatre(70 seats), and the 12 people who were watching that night were all white women... plus one Inuit man.  Considering the fact that white people are definitely a minority here, I find that an interesting point.  It also makes the comment of one of them much more relevant.  As we walked out, she said "Why did they have to use the song  Feels Like Home?  I was doing fine until they played that!  Now I miss home!"  And it was just sooo how I felt.  I realized how much many of us that have moved up here have in common.  It's the little unexpected things that make you miss home.  
And on that note, the countdown is on... 3 weeks until I touchdown in Winnipeg for a few weeks!

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