Friday, 31 July 2009

Summer weather

Well, those who have been following me on facebook have a sense of how warm it got here last week.  At 25C this last weekend, I was sweating!  Literally.  Other than the grocery store, few places here have built-in airconditioning, there's just no need.  So when the temp goes above normal room temp, there's no way beyond a fan (which I refused to buy for one week of summer weather) to cool off the house.  I thought I had brought one pair of shorts, but couldn't find them until the temp went down to about 16C.  When I found them I wore them to the store with a short sleeved shirt, because even that temp with a high humidity (*and a lot of acclimatization), is warm indeed!
I was having a hard time dealing with the heat in my apartment though.  In my frantic search for shorts, I found a wrap skirt and wore that to beat the heat... as well as rotating through ice packs from the freezer for my head/back/stomach.  I didn't leave the house last weekend other than for work (since I was working nights, I didn't have the energy for much).  My bed was down to just a top-sheet, blankets are too warm in that weather.  I found it funny that that kind of heat made me melt, but when we were in Australia, 21C was starting to feel cold.
Sunday night (I think?  I had a few days off and they blended together) we had a good, but all too short, thundershower.  I heard thunder twice, saw lightening once.  I love thunderstorms, and really miss being able to sit at the window watching the light show.  Maybe I'll see one when I go home in a few weeks?  Anyways, the storm broke the heat, and by the next day it was down to 16C and I was ready to face the heat (plus having found my shorts) and went for a nice long walk.  I now wish I'd done more than that though... it's now 4C.  And I can't bring myself to close the window, because I love the smell of the fresh breeze.  
And that's my ode to the weather.  
For a quick treat for the eyes, there was a rainbow on my way home from work a few weeks ago.  From my apartment, it looked like it ended on one of the ships in the harbour.  I wonder whose treasures came in on that ship?

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KandT said...

That's awesome. I bet that ship was hauling lucky charms!