Sunday, 30 May 2010

Here comes the spring!

There's no denying it, spring is here.  Between the daily rains/light snows, and the temperatures steadily above zero, it is time to welcome the spring.  Of course this means melting.  Lots of melting.  Most of the snow is gone, but it still holds out in the deeper hollows and where it's been piled high at the sides of the roads.  Melting means rushing rivers... 

Or ditches in this case.  I'm pretty sure the river is actually still covered in ice, and I know for a fact that the bay is still iced over.  Most of the land though is melting at an incredible rate, which means my shortcut to work...

Well lets just say I'm not walking across the dam at this point, and having tried to unsuccessfully jump across a section of the stream near here, (and been very glad I was wearing rubber boots) I'm taking the long way to work until the melt waters calm down a bit.  
Today I notice flowers blooming by the side of the road.  First ones to pop up every spring:

There's also a small carpet of pussy willows out in certain areas.  (Willows here grow along the ground, since they can't dig a deep root system)

Green things are starting to grow,

For that matter, red things are also starting to grow (that's a drop of water suspended on top of the plant)

And the small bell-like flowers that later will become berries are just forming
The little red buds will bloom soon and turn into berries as well!  (Gotta love the wild berries!)

Green things in general, all popping up and rejoicing in the beautiful weather!

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Esther said...

so nice. such great pictures. makes me feel better about everything. thanks!