Monday, 24 May 2010

Return of the sun

Ever tried to fall asleep with the lights on? It works fine when you're exhausted and you're simply crawling into bed, or falling asleep on a couch or in a chair or wherever you happen to be for a nap.  It's a totally different story when you have decided that you "Should" go to sleep and the lights are on.  Or the lights aren't on, but the sunlight coming through the windows makes it feel like the lights are on.
I like napping/resting on the couch before a night shift.  But today is far too bright.  That can happen winter or summer, though in winter the sun goes down by 1 or 2 pm, so an afternoon nap feels like going to bed at night.  The really big difference, is needing both blinds and curtains on the window just to make your bedroom darkish at night.  The sun now goes down for less than 4 hours at night, and even so the sky never goes black, it holds a dark blue glow.  And I forget to go to bed at a decent hour because by the time the apartment gets dark (with the blinds open), it's after ten, so I'm just getting sleepy by midnight.  (only true on days off, on working days I fall into bed and time doesn't matter)  Falling into bed at 8:30 last night, felt like it was still day out.  The brightness definitely makes for a more restless sleep, but just like last year, I've acclimated.  I can now leave the blinds open and still sleep, day or night.
Spring is here.  The temp is supposed to stay above zero all week, day and night.  The snow is only left in the deepest hollows or biggest piles by the sides of the roads.  I'm pretty sure I saw pussy willows sprouting on my walk home from work yesterday.  And the color of  the sky becomes a richer summer blue each day, not the pale blue of winter.  Hard to sleep or not, I welcome the sun!

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