Friday, 26 November 2010


My apartment is shaking.  Perhaps that's not the right word for it... I'm not quite sure what is... it's shimmying, shuddering, shivering.  It's rattling, rumbling, reverberating.  It's creaking and humming and chattering.  I wouldn't be surprised if it started tipping just a little.  An apartment on stilts  near the top of a hill during a windstorm is not a comforting place to be.  According to the environment canada website the wind is blowing NE 84 gust 105 km/h.   There's also a wind warning out stating the gusts will be as high as 120 km/h.  I can feel the wind slipping through the cracks around the windows.  I can hear it spinning the fans above my stove and in my bathroom.  I can hear it making mini tornados up the elevator shaft.  The water in the fishbowl is gently vibrating.  The lamps are swaying.  The windows are making odd creaking noises.  
I'm not sure if I'll sleep through all the noise, but on the plus side the apartment is swaying just enough that it may just rock me to sleep.
If there was more snow on the ground... it would be a blizzard and not a wind warning.  But instead it's zero degrees with slick ice on the ground, and I get to go on call (supposed to be working tonight) and sleep through the night instead of sitting around at work wishing for nicer weather.

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