Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Problems with the weather

So apparently I have to follow up stories with an "all-clear"... the building did NOT blow over.  No buildings in town were damaged in the windstorm.  Though in Pangnirtung, which is a short flight away, they had a number of buildings damaged in 130km/hr winds.
What was damaged due to the slippery roads, though, was my back.  Nothing serious, but enough to make it spasm randomly and make it difficult to sleep.  I didn't fall, I just slipped and caught myself.  A few different times.  So I'm not sure which time did the damage, or if it was compounded at work.  What I do know is the pain was starting to make it difficult to do anything, and even with tylenol and advil it just kept feeling worse.  So I used heat (heating pads, nice hot bath... ) to relax all my muscles, then tried out a yoga video with stretches/strengthening for the back.  Nice short videos, nothing strenuous.  I've done them for 3 days in a row now... and I can already feel the difference!  No spasms for most of the day, no intense pain.  And increasing flexibility.  Funny how it can take an injury to push someone to exercise!  :D  I plan to work my way up to doing the full 60 min video.  But for now the 20min focused on the back and destressing has made a major difference.  I like it!  
Check out the above picture.  That "steam" or "fog" on the water is what happens when the bay starts to freeze.  We have a thin layer of ice now thanks to the temperature finally dropping at the end of last week.  It stayed between -14 and -30 until yesterday, and then came back up to zero today.  And no one can figure out why it's been so warm.  I'm hearing lots of interesting theories though!  One was that there was an "omega"  weather pattern holding in Greenland that was forcing the cold weather to europe and keeping us warm.  That was debunked when in got cold for a week and warmed up again here.  Another theory (that I heard from our infamous movie theatre proprietor when calling his number) is under the sea volcanos that warm the general area when they erupt.  Who knows.  Just makes for oddly warm (and slippery/icy/snowy) weather.  

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