Thursday, 14 April 2011


Welcome to my holidays... The couch at my parent's place will likely be permanently imprinted with a hollow the shape of my butt... the cat has become my friend/personal lap warmer... and I have had a total of two cups of coffee in two weeks.  Wow.  Not to mention by body is re-learning what a circadian rhythm is. After years of shift work it somehow feels wrong for my body to start requesting sleep at regular times in the evening.  Oh well, there are worse things that could happen.  I've somehow managed not to gain weight even with being a sloth.
Suddenly in the last couple of days I've been realizing that this Africa thing is really going to happen.   And I maybe need to do a little more than the few pieces of paperwork I've managed to complete.  Like getting a Manitoba license, writing out support letters (still seriously needing support if I'm going to stay for a full year with Africa Mercy), etc.  You'll notice a few changes on the blog... I took down the big, bulky donation button and moved it to it's own "page," replacing it on the sidebar with a few words you can click on with the same effect.
See, this is why I'm not writing updates... my life is rather mundane right now.  On the plus side, all my belongings are now in Manitoba, the minus is some are in a storage facility, and some are in bins scatttered around my parent's place.  Now they need to be re-sorted into what I need for travelling and what I'm hoping my parent's will leave a in closet, and what will join the stuff in storage.

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