Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Almost there!

The hour draws near.  We chug along steadily, to the steady thrum of the engines that's so loud it's hard to hear yourself think on deck 3, and on deck 5 it's a background white noise.  The ship moves through waters that are becoming steadily choppier.  We're approaching the coast of Guinea slowly but surely.  And Guinea is in the midst of rainy season, and so we approach through storms. 
The rain showers become more and more frequent.  The rain stronger, steadier, until you can hear it over the sound of the waves breaking on the sides of the ship.  I've unpacked my poncho, my rainjacket and my umbrella.  I intend to be outside when we finally pull into port, and I don't care what the weather looks like!
There is joy and sorrow on ship.  Some can't wait to be finished with the sailing (queasy tummies and cabin fever).  Some can't wait to see the country of Guinea, and the people waiting there for us.  Some are sad to see an end to the sail with it's beauty and peace and togetherness.  And so we revel in the small time we have left.  And we continue our "normal" life that includes work, classes, games, movies, worship and many other things.  And we wonder, just what is in store for us around the corner.  What will happen in this new country that most of us have never been to.  We have been given the tantalizing piece of information that it will be a memorable field service.  And we wonder what that will mean. 
I wonder.  I wonder what God has in store.  The challenges, the sorrows, the excitement, the people. 

And so I ask you to pray.  Pray for this ship full of people as we approach and land in a country that Mercy Ships hasn't been to in 13 years.  Pray for the advance team that is eagerly awaiting our arrival in Guinea.  They've been through a lot.  Not to mention the cholera outbreak that is currently happening.  Pray for health.  Pray for clear skies on our screening day, which is less than two weeks away.  Pray for protection in general.  Pray that our ears would be open and God's will would be done.  And pray for a few more pediatric nurses on the ship.  We could use them!

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Lycia said...

Heather thanks for painting such a good picture of the process, for those of us not able to be there. Praying, wishing I was there of course, and missing you all. Love!