Sunday, 2 September 2012

We screen tomorrow!!!

The time has come for screening patients. Little by little, they will start trickling into line this evening and overnight. Finally, sometime before we open the gates, the line will begin expanding exponentially. The outcasts, the crippled, the forgotten. The ones who imagine there is no hope left. People with tumors and scars and random lumps and bumps. People with misshapen legs and milky white eyes. They will come alone and they will come with family. Mothers and fathers and children and aunts and uncles and friends. Feeble grandparents and tiny babies. They will come, with hope in their eyes, hope that we will be the ones who can help.

At 6am, we will open the gates and the flood of people will begin. One by one, we will look them in the eye and ask how we can help. One by one, we will tell them yes we can help, or I’m sorry we can’t help. These specialties we have are so specific. We can’t help everyone. But those we can help… oh I can’t wait!!!

Today we got to tour the site. Soon we will set up chairs and tables. Already the barriers to guide people along the right paths are being set up. The countdown is in hours now, not days. Pray with us for protection, peace, comfort, healing. Pray with us for the people who will show up at the gate. Pray for health and stamina and protection for our crew. Pray with us. It’s gonna be GOOD!

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